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Friends Only

Just a warning to all those out in LJ-land.....

Only my sims-related posts are public. Check out the tags to the left to find what you're looking for in my sim-world. The rest are personal and only seen by certain individuals. If you friend me for sims, please do not be offended when I don't friend you back. On the other hand, if you would like to get into the randomcy that is my life, please comment here to let me know how we know each other.

Have a nice day! ^_^
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First MTS2 Upload!

On a whim, I figured I'd try uploading one of my apartment lots to MTS2 to see what happens. Couldn't hurt, right? So about an hour ago, I submitted it. A few minutes ago, it was approved! Whoopie!

You can check it out over here if you wanna. It's the only upload I have, but I do plan on uploaded my other apartment lots as well.

So, yay! This is probably just a novelty for me at the moment since it's my first upload. :P
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Anyone know if the Pregnancy Wear Any Outfit hack has been updated for AL? I can't even remember who the hell makes it or where to look for it. Google tells me squinge made it, but has it been updated?

Thank you!!! :):)